Monday May 13, 2024

Ep 293: College of Practical Homeopathy - with Ellen Kramer

Ready to tap into your body's natural healing abilities?

Listen to our interview with Ellen Kramer, the founder of the College of Practical Homeopathy, as she shares her journey to homeopathy and how it transformed her health. She emphasizes the power of the body to heal itself and the importance of addressing the underlying causes of illness. Ellen explains the ethos of the College of Practical Homeopathy, which focuses on practical application and case analysis. She highlights the significance of understanding the language of the body and the role of nutrition and herbs in supporting the healing process. Throughout the conversation, Ellen challenges conventional approaches to medicine and encourages listeners to trust their own ability to heal.


Episode Highlights:

01:50 - Ellen’s Personal Journey Into Homeopathy

05:22 - Teaching Homeopathy Through Patient Interaction and Holistic Understanding

09:45 - Inherited Toxicity and Modern Chronic Diseases

11:40 - Revolutionizing Homeopathy in the 21st Century

16:03 - Deciphering Body Signals and Uncovering Root Causes of Symptoms

20:29 - The Hidden Side Effects of Asthma Medication

29:40 - Dairy Elimination for Eczema and Constipation Relief

35:51 - Understanding Drug Side Effects and Nutrient Depletion

47:54 - Innovative Homeopathic Detox and Healing Through LM Potency


About my guest:

Ellen Kramer is the director, principal, and founder of the College of Practical Homeopathy in London. With over 28 years of experience in homeopathy, Ellen is a passionate advocate for the power of homeopathic medicine. She has a deep understanding of the body's ability to heal itself and believes in the importance of addressing the root causes of illness. Ellen's approach to homeopathy is practical and holistic, incorporating nutrition, herbs, and other natural treatments to support the body's healing process.


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