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Ep 280: Welwitschia - the living dead + a conversation on trans-gender - with Paul Theriault

Dr. Paul Theriault returns for his third episode, discussing insights from his latest book on the Welwitschia plant and its trituration process in homeopathy. He explores the levels of trituration, the remedy's potential benefits for various health conditions, and its role in facilitating graceful transitions, particularly during the bardo phase of death. Dr. Theriault also touches on humanity's potential for transfiguration and the importance of reclaiming energy from past lives. Tune in for a concise exploration of Welwitschia mirabilis and its applications in homeopathy.


Episode Highlights:

03:27 - Overview of Trituration in Homeopathy

04:43 - The Unique Nature of Welwitschia mirabilis

07:55 - Bardo and the Process of Death

09:30 - The Formation of Our Multiverse

13:10 - Chakra Systems and Human Development

16:09 - Miasms and Their Impact on Human Development

21:08 - The Possibility of Human Transfiguration

23:28 - The Cosmic Structure and Human Liberation

25:25 - The Artificial Energy Field Around Earth

29:50 - Using Welwitschia Remedy in Practice

31:24 - Availability of Welwitschia Remedy

32:49 - Paying Royalties for Remedies

37:00 - Update on Birds Book

44:50 - Addressing Misconceptions about Homeopathy

49:31 - Discussion on Transgender Issues

56:15 - Availability of Books and Services by Paul

01:00:44 - Encouraging Vitalist Naturopathic Care

About my guest:

Dr. Paul Theriault is a passionate advocate for natural medicine, was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Despite facing numerous health challenges in childhood, including frequent infections and behavioral struggles, he maintained a deep-seated desire to pursue a career in the healing arts. Inspired by his early exposure to holistic therapies and motivated by his personal healing journey, Dr. Theriault embarked on a path of education and exploration. After earning his undergraduate degree in biology and cultural anthropology from the University of Calgary, he pursued his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Alongside his formal studies, he engaged in extracurricular pursuits, delving into areas such as auricular acupuncture, homeopathy, and biotherapeutic drainage. Driven by a profound commitment to holistic health and personal transformation, Dr. Theriault now practices in his hometown, specializing in mental health, depression, and chronic disease management. With a compassionate approach rooted in his own healing journey, he guides his patients toward greater freedom, joy, and the realization of their limitless potential.


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Meg McC

Thank you so much for sharing, Dr. Krüger and Dr. Theriault

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