Sunday Mar 10, 2024

Ep 274: ReBELLE Homeopaths - hopefully part 1 with more to come!

Unearth enlightening insights into the art of homeopathy with our experienced homeopaths - Danitca Apolline-Matic, Sarah Valentini, Janey Lavelle, and Reeta Pohjonen. This episode invites you into a warm discussion on personal and collective navigation of shifting energetic landscapes, significant astrological transitions, and radical societal transformation. Get a deeper perspective on the inspiring revolution led by the Wood Dragon and the Age of Aquarius, along with captivating experiences of individuals supporting the practitioners in their homeopathy journey. Take part in this earnest exploration into the magical era that lies ahead.

As the conversation deepens, listen to the harmonious resonance between human belief and skepticism, alternative healing practices, astrological entities, and feminine vibrations. Discover the quotient of inspiration drawn from various remedies including Maria Magdalena, the Golden Spiral, and oxytocin. Upturn your concept of the healing process, envision the mathematics of love, and empathize with the trauma disrupting human wholeness. Relish the insightful nerdy discussion unravelling numerous essences, the sacred geometry series and the World Peace and Healing combination essence making a global impact.

We passionately discuss the transformative wake of COVID, the novel consciousness it ignited, and the simultaneous hosting of light and darkness within the 'yin and yang.' Experience the turmoil and tribute of these times as everything gets reformed and reintegrated with feminine energy. Furthermore, we unveil Sacred Source School, designed to amplify healing powers through homeopathy, shiatsu, sacred frequencies, shamanism, and more. This transformative journey is bound to reignite every woman’s inner sorceress.

Exploring Remedy Triturations and Proving Medicines: Homeopathy Unveiled

Fall into fascinating discourses about remedy triturations and provings. Our hosts recount their encounters and experiences with different remedies, including the unique Corvus Corax - the black raven and the transformative Petrified Sequoia. From the intriguing challenge of triturating feathers to emotional turmoil during the proving process, enjoy riveting insights that are testament to the host's deep commitment towards the complex world of homeopathy. Discover this exciting world full of potent insights and inspirational stories - a must-listen for every homeopathy professional and enthusiast.

Embarking on the Healing Journey: Perspectives from the Homeopathy Arena

Dive into an exciting episode that navigates personal experiences, vast geographies, and historical timelines to unravel the art of healing. Follow the narrative of Serbian people escaping winter hardships, the healing prowess of the mastic gum tree, and the amazing transformational journeys through generations. The podcast emphasizes the abundant landscape of homeopathy, necessity of evolution, and the power of the feminine force. Hold your breath as we bring forth the need to change the way we credit the creators of remedies in homeopathy. This episode is a riveting narrative that showcases the transformative power of remedies on patients for anyone interested in the world of homeopathy, healing, history, and transformative growth.


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