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Ep 298: Essential 8 - with Viktoria Nemeth & Roberto Petrucci

In this episode, I am joined by Viktoria and Roberto. Viktória recounts her journey from skepticism to advocacy for homeopathy after discovering its effectiveness in healing her son's tonsillitis, while Roberto shares how he learned about homeopathy as a cure for his anxiety and headaches. Discover their method, which simplifies the selection of homeopathic remedies by categorizing them into kingdoms, groups, and subgroups, and discuss the importance of understanding the deep levels of remedies. Learn more about their collaborative work on homeopathic themes, upcoming projects, and the necessity of an open-minded approach to finding the precise remedy for each patient.


Episode Highlights:

01:07 - Viktoria’s Introduction to Homeopathy

02:51 - Roberto’s Introduction to Homeopathy

05:32 - Simplifying Homeopathy

07:30 - The EKAP GPS Method

08:08 - Grouping Remedies

12:15 - Fish Remedies and Subgroups

19:37 - Evolution of Remedies

20:43 - The process of creating the eight essentials

27:30 - Expansion of the eight essentials method

37:20 - Final message and advice for homeopaths


About my guests:

Roberto Petrucci is widely acclaimed as one of the most prominent figures in international homeopathic education, renowned for his dynamic teaching style and inspirational seminars across Italy and beyond, including Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, and the USA, among others. Serving as President of the Milan Centre of Homeopathy and teaching director of both the Milan Centre of Homeopathy and the School of Homeopathic Medicine in Genoa, Petrucci has left an indelible mark on the field through his extensive contributions as a speaker at numerous world and Italian homeopathy congresses, lecturer at prestigious universities, and author of several acclaimed books and repertories. Collaborating closely with Viktória Németh, he continues to advance the field with forthcoming publications on topics such as ADHD and matridonals in homeopathy, alongside his ongoing consultations and involvement in the development of essential methodologies in homeopathic practice.


Viktória Németh is a distinguished Hungarian homeopath and esteemed international educator, renowned for her captivating seminars brimming with invaluable insights. With a focus on teaching homeopathy in various countries including Germany, Italy, and the USA, Németh's expertise shines through her engaging teaching style and profound knowledge. As the founder and former president of MIHE (Magyar Integrative Homeopathic Association), she has contributed significantly to the advancement of homeopathy. Németh's extensive clinical experience, particularly in pediatric care, spans four years, emphasizing acute cases. Her groundbreaking book "Waterworld – Fish in Homeopathy," available in English and German, delves into the realm of aquatic remedies, offering comprehensive insights into their application across a spectrum of ailments from Alzheimer's to infertility. Collaborating closely with Roberto Petrucci, Németh continues to shape the field with upcoming publications on matridonals in homeopathy and ADHD, alongside her global consultations and involvement in pioneering methodologies such as '8 ESSENTIALS' and 'EKAP GPS.'


Find out more about Viktoria and Roberto 

Website: https://homeopathy8.com/


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