Monday Nov 20, 2023

Ep 228: Homeopathic Immunization - with Kate Birch

Have you heard about homeoprophylaxis and its role in facilitating a child's natural immune system development rather than preventing diseases?


Join us for a fascinating chat with Kate Birch, an experienced homeopath and the International Director of Free and Healthy Children International. Kate unveils her profound expertise in infectious disease and epidemiology, offering intriguing insights into the pivotal role of homeopathy in enhancing public health. Join us for an engaging conversation as Kate shares her specialized knowledge in homeoprophylaxis, shedding light on its clinical application, notably in combating the challenges posed by COVID-19 through homeopathic immunization. Tune in and discover how Kate's expertise is revolutionizing healthcare paradigms through the holistic lens of homeopathy.


Episode Highlights:

04:40 - Kate's initial exposure to homeopathy

09:11 - Introduction to homeoprophylaxis

14:58 - Homeopophilaxis and leptospirosis in Cuba

17:34 - The package for Obama

19:44 - Vaccine agenda and homeoprophylaxis

25:26 - Stories of their incredible journey

28:06 - Compassion for self as healing

32:05 - Ebola and U.S. Army bases.

42:38 - Vaccine side effects and cold sores

44:05 - Ruptured appendix after COVID vaccine

48:10 - The state of human health

52:00 - Clearing miasmatic history and immunity

01:01:34 - Vaccine detoxing and autism

01:04:40 - Homeoprophylaxis and its benefits


About my guest:

With over 27 years of homeopathy practice, Kate is an esteemed author and educator specializing in infectious disease and epidemiology. As the International Director of Free and Healthy Children International (FHCi), she leads a global community of 80+ homeopathic practitioners. Their focus has shifted the historical use of homeopathy towards a public health paradigm, with 10 years of research on Homeoprophylaxis in children. From 2020-2022, Kate spearheaded research on homeopathic immunization for COVID-19, serving as the Principal Investigator and Author. Responsible for staying updated on infectious disease trends, she oversees communication channels and training platforms, impacting over 15,000 individuals globally.


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