Monday Oct 30, 2023

Ep 225: Somatic Reclamation and the VAST Methodology Training - with Daniel Burge

What role do our wounds play in one's personal development journey?


In this episode, we're joined by Daniel Burge, a seasoned homeopath and practitioner whose training spans diverse modalities such as multigenerational psychotraumatology and family constellations. He shares his journey and experiences, including learning from renowned mentors. We also delve into the intriguing concept of the "realm of the wound," exploring how embracing our vulnerabilities fuels creativity and personal growth. We assert that art is born from the exploration of our inner wounds, highlighting the integral role of these wounds in fostering inspiration and empathy. 


Episode Highlights:

09:37 - Learning to think for ourselves

12:11 - The journey to healing

15:09 - Amber as a remedy

21:49 - Locating and working with clients

23:02 - The Knowing Field

30:10 - Patriarchal oppression and matriarchal leadership

31:25 - Matrifocal society and leadership

35:02 - The importance of wounds

38:05 - Turning Losses into Gold

41:40 - Reclaiming peace and freedom

42:33 - Freedom from patriarchal oppression

47:01 - Training in somatic mapping

49:31 - Incremental permanent changes


About my guest:

Daniel Burge is a seasoned holistic healer and wellness practitioner with a diverse background in natural medicine and spiritual disciplines. Having embarked on his journey in the Himalayas in 1998, he delved into the ancient arts of Usui Reiki and Kriya Yoga, setting the foundation for his transformative work. Daniel's educational path led him to graduate from the Burren School of Homeopathy in Ireland, followed by extensive postgraduate studies across the globe, learning from luminaries in homeopathic medicine. He ventured into the realm of psychotraumatology, training with Prof Dr Franz Ruppert, and became a proficient Family & Systemic Constellations facilitator, drawing knowledge from mentors like Barbara Morgan and Albrecht Mahr. His dedication to well-being extends into movement and dance, notably the 5Rhythms practice. Daniel's vast experiences, including wilderness exploration in the Himalayas and sponsorship by The North Face, have enriched his perspective on holistic health and healing. In collaboration with Emily Waymire, he introduced the innovative VAST methodology in 2023, furthering his mission to promote well-being through love, connection, and intelligence utilization.


Find out more about Daniel

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