Monday Nov 06, 2023

Ep 226: Homeopathic Alchemy - with Janey Lavelle

Have you ever thought of embracing a variety of healing modalities alongside homeopathy to create a more comprehensive and holistic approach to well-being?


Join us in our latest episode with Janey as we explore the rich tapestry of alternative healing modalities. From chiropractic medicine to acupuncture and Ayurvedic massage, we uncover the expanding world of healing resources and encourage you to embrace their transformative potential. Janey's compelling festival experience, guiding a woman through profound trauma release, serves as an inspiring testament to the potential of these practices. Moreover, Janey unveils a profound revelation received from Maria Magdalena during a transformative experience, emphasizing that healing transcends dwelling on the past but is anchored in our unwavering presence in the here and now. Tune in now and take the first step on your healing journey.


Episode Highlights:

04:17 - Healing sessions at yoga picnic

07:49 - Physical healing through energy work

12:14 - Grounding and energy centers

15:49 - Energy alchemy and self-care

19:25 - Energy healing and homeopathy

20:08 - Janey’s first introduction to homeopathy

24:16 - Vaccine side effects and alternative healing

28:13 - Homeopathic healing and magic

33:08 - Energy medicine and healing

38:30 - Maria Magdalena's cave pilgrimage

47:32 - Healing in the here and now

51:04 - Deep healing and triturations

58:23 - Family constellations workshop

02:14 - Conquering homeopathy's recognition and growth


About Janey:

Janey is a Mother of four home-birthed babes with a curious wild soul and a tender heart, originally from NZ she now lives in Easkey, Co.Sligo with her hubby and children.


She has spent the last 15+ years working with Energy Medicine.  Her love is helping Women their babies & children to heal, supporting them through pregnancy, birth & matrescence, and moving beyond hormone imbalances, womb trauma & infertility.  Janey helps them navigate through depression & anxiety and brings them back into harmony with their soul path & spirit.


She has cultivated a divine ancient wisdom meets modern science approach using Homeopathy, a fusion of Swedish, Aromatherapy & Ayurvedic Massage combined with Reiki & Energy Alchemy as the vehicle for ultimate feminine health & spiritual healing.


Janey has a beautiful healing space & Emporium where she sells all things Homeopathic and healing based in Inishcrone, Co.Sligo.  She feels so fortunate to teach Homeopathy at the Helsinki School of Homeopathy, Finland, and runs weekend training for Reiki Initiations in Ireland.


Homeopathy is such a fantastic offering, the potential to heal is yet to be realized by many, and yet in the last few years it has experienced a huge renaissance & this really lights me up.  I have journeyed deeply over this last year with our medicines, conducted 4 triturations Irish Raven - Corvus Corvax, Sea Eagle Haliaaetus Albicilla, Maria Magdalena, + 1 more &  attended three provings with the Golden Spiral Collective run by Danica Appolline.


I recently journeyed with Alize Timmerman  & a collective of Homeopaths on a Pilgrimage to the Cave of Maria Magdalena in South of France, we embodied & activated the divine energy of this great healer and made trituration, alchemizing a Homeopathic remedy in her honour.  


It was a deep initiation for me & I have been working with the healing frequency of Maria Magdalena since allowing me to expand further into Womens healing.


Find out more about Janey


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