Monday Oct 16, 2023

Ep 223: Mastering Chronic Disease and Oligoscan - Jon Gamble

Acute prescribing is a crucial aspect of homeopathy - but what factors contribute to confidence in this practice, and how can practitioners enhance it?


Join us in this episode as we welcome Australian homeopath Jon Gamble to explore the wisdom within his latest book, "Mastering Chronic Disease." With over 35 years of experience, Jon shares his profound insights into treating chronic conditions, highlighting his success stories in tackling chronic fatigue syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome. Discover his tailored approach, which encompasses traditional homeopathic methods, nosodes, and chemical detoxes. Tune in to learn more about Jon’s views on homeopathy and his passion for helping patients with chronic illnesses.


Episode Highlights:

02:28 - How was he first introduced to homeopathy

07:21 - Restrictions on Oligoscan in Australia

12:32 - Role of copper in health

15:24 - High copper in children

20:41 - Treating post-viral chronic fatigue

25:09 - Spike proteins and inflammation

29:30 - Acute prescribing and confidence

33:52 - Importance of gut health

35:17 - Gut health and vaccines

40:05 - Finding Your Area of Specialty


About my guest:

Jon has been practicing homeopathy and naturopathy for over 35 years in

Wollongong and the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. He has

shared his knowledge by mentoring students, and developing their skills to become

successful practitioners.


Jon has authored three popular practitioner books in his Mastering Homeopathy

series for practitioners:


Accurate DAily Prescribing for a Successful Practice (2004),

Homeopathic Treatment of IBS (2006) and

Obstacles to Cure: Toxicity, Deficiency & Infection (2010)


His latest book, Mastering Chronic Disease, (2022), is a distillation of his

clinical experience with case studies has seen major success in the international

CAM market, with strong sales in Europe and the USA.


Jon has also presented seminars on chronic disease in Australia, New Zealand,

Indonesia and Japan, and international webinars.


Jon has co-authored these books for the general public:

Treat Your Child Yourself (3rd ed 2019)

Treat Your IBS Yourself (2nd ed 2019)

Treat Your CFS Yourself (2021)


Jon's focus is on the treatment of chronic disease, with a particular interest in

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He uses traditional

homeopathic prescribing supplemented by a series of nosodes, tautopathic

detoxes, and chemical detoxes, which he has tailor-made.

Find out more about Jon


Contact: [email protected]

Books: (in Europe: or )


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