Monday Sep 25, 2023

Ep 220: Happiness, the inside job - with Matt Pepper

How can the corporate world benefit from having happier and healthier employees through homeopathic care?


Join Matt Pepper, a prominent UK homeopath, public speaker, and author, in an insightful conversation focused on the integration of homeopathy into the corporate world. Discover the numerous benefits for both homeopaths and companies as Matt highlights the positive impact on employee well-being and retention rates. This episode promises to inspire homeopathic practitioners to explore new horizons in their practice and make a difference in the corporate sector.

Additionally, explore the profound discussion on essential tools and mindset shifts necessary for cultivating happiness and inner well-being. Uncover the secrets to taking charge of your own happiness and fostering positive changes in your life and relationships.


Episode Highlights:

01:41 - How he was first introduced to homeopathy

04:26 - A mysterious benefactor

08:50 - Celebrities and homeopathy

09:18 - Short attention span and happiness

13:08 - The Happiness Barometer

16:17 - Executive wellness with homeopathy

18:30 - Home life stress

21:40 - Building a practice through networking

24:08 - Filling seats at live events

27:20 - Working with clients weekly

31:23 - Building relationships with clients

33:06 - The power of follow-ups

37:30 - In charge of your own game

39:07 - Positive thinking and self-talk

40:45 - The groovy train of thought

43:03 - Changing the topic for better solutions

45:38 - Shifting focus for a happier life


About my guest:

Matt is an author, practitioner, and speaker. He delivers his PeppTalks and workshops to companies, organizations, universities, and NHS medical teams. He has spent 25 years working with clients from all walks of life from celebrities to students, CEO to nurses. As an experienced practitioner and mental wellness trainer, Matt shares the secrets he’s learned over a long career, of what it truly takes for people to be happy. He has been researching, learning and practicing tools and techniques which have enabled him to help his clients and workshop attendees live a happier and fulfilled life.


  • He is the content creator of Colgate’s European optimism campaign, ‘Our Smile Is Our Strength’ across 12 countries translated into 8 languages
  • He consults with the NHS delivering his mental health boosting workshops to their staff and medical teams
  • He is the author of ‘Happiness The Inside Job - The 7 Ways To Life-Changing Happiness’
  • His book has been recommended by the band Coldplay, saying it is “Insightful and inspiring’ via their social media channels
  • His digital ‘Fire Up Your Happiness’ programme won an award at BBC Radio 2’s Janey Lee Grace’s Platinum Awards for “Best Mental Health Training’


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