Monday Sep 04, 2023

Ep 217: New Provings, Blueprint Essences and and Golden Spiral - with Danica Apolline

Join us in this episode as we sit down with the brilliant Danica Apolline, the visionary behind Blueprint Essences and a pivotal figure within the Golden Spiral Proving Group. Together, we delve deep into the often unspoken realm of compensating homeopaths for their monumental efforts in crafting and proving new remedies. Through Denitza's firsthand account, we uncover the untold stories of countless unpaid hours poured into this intricate process. This conversation ignites a crucial discourse on how the homeopathic community can come together to tangibly uplift and sustain these dedicated individuals who are shaping the future of holistic healing.


Episode Highlights:

03:25 - A Journey into proving and healing

08:03 - A terrifying mountain descent

12:09 - Family history and war

18:26 - Master Gum and its creation

20:09 - Nervous system regulation

20:34 - Helicobacter pylori treatment alternatives

24:30 - Mastic gum and its healing properties

27:13 - Royalties for homeopathic remedies

30:23 - The work behind making remedies

31:04 - Compensation for remedy creation

36:02 - The Menzies remedy

32:22 - Energy work and decompressing

36:31 - Sharing vulnerability and connection

42:08 - Healing ancestral trauma and gifts

43:49 - Flow of abundance and giving

49:03 - Prescribing with flow and color

About my guest:

Danica (pronounced De-nit-sa) is a Homeopath, Family Constellations Facilitator, Founder of Blueprint Essences, and a thought leader, writer, speaker & visionary on health, medicine, food, happiness, ethical business, humanity & our beautiful planet.


How did she get into all of this?


She spent years working in pharmacies and was going to be a Pharmacist but life took an unexpected turn. She ended up studying Psychology instead, before becoming a training specialist, strengths coach, and energy healer along the way. 


Her love of medicine has remained, and she is delighted to be a homeopath. She is passionate about all-natural approaches to medicine, health, and food. But what she does and how she works isn't just about medicine, homeopathy, and family constellations - it's about how we live. 


She believes that we can all thrive and flourish in our own health, and our lives, in ways that bring us health and happiness - and bring our beautiful planet health and happiness too, whether we are individuals, communities, businesses, or humanity as a whole. 


She is passionate about discovering new homeopathic remedies for our times, and am blessed to be part of the Golden Spiral Provings Collective, testing new remedies with a remarkable collective of inspiring homeopaths from around the world, including Golden Spiral, Petrified Sequoia, Mastic Gum, EBV, Concrete and T-Rex.


She interweaves her vision for a better world with wisdom from positive psychology, strengths, trauma work, neuroscience, spirituality, and natural medicine alongside real-life experiences that we have as human beings, and stories from the magical worlds of imagination like Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Find out more about Danica



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