Monday Aug 28, 2023

Ep 216: Homeopathy for non-ordinary states of consciousness - with Declan Hammond

Ready to challenge the conventional boundaries of healing? Journey alongside Declan Hammond as he crafts a compelling fusion of traditions and innovations.


In this episode, Declan Hammond, the co-founder and former director of The Irish School of Homeopathy shares his extraordinary odyssey. Explore his skillful fusion of ancient and contemporary healing practices and discover his heartfelt commitment to guiding individuals through non-ordinary states of consciousness. Gain insights into his advocacy for drug harm reduction and integration, and learn about his approach to mindfully integrating the revelations from psychedelic encounters into the journey of personal growth and healing.


Episode Highlights:

03:21 - Declan's first experience with the world of homeopathy

11:08 - Homeopathy and hay fever

13:39 - The transformative power of homeopathy

18:40 - Cheating in healing

20:48 - Psychedelic treatments and mental health

26:01 - Taking remedies with the intention

29:52 - Classical vs. modern homeopathy

34:27 - Spiritual emergencies

38:23 - Children's past life memories

45:11 - Healing after brain surgery

53:25 - Trauma passed down through generations

58:50 - The metallic ball transformation

01:02:00 - Dissolving cancer through visualization

01:04:27 - Remedies as energetic reminders

01:09:57 - Energy medicine and limitless possibilities

01:14:27 - The limits of working with energy

01:15:50 - Imaginary friends and their significance

01:19:31 - Children's experiences with imagination

01:23:02 - Ayahuasca and other psychedelic remedies

01:29:13 - Ayahuasca experiences

01:30:10 - The power of homeopathic remedies

01:34:15 - Psychedelics and indigenous healing

01:39:38 - Healing potential of master plants

01:42:26 - Therapeutic use of MDMA

01:46:30 - Lost sacred relationship with substances

01:49:27 - Harm reduction at festivals


About my guest:

Declan Hammond is a homeopath, transpersonal therapist and shamanic practitioner, co-founder and former director of The Irish School of Homeopathy. His life and work has been a passionate search for the most effective healing tools for himself and his patients. This journey has taken him all over the globe studying Eastern and Western approaches to healing, tantra yoga and traditional shamanic practices. Declan has developed a unique synthesis of these ancient and modern healing techniques and works with individuals and groups to empower deep personal growth and spiritual development.


His passion is working with people challenged by non-ordinary states of consciousness, who are undergoing Spiritual Emergency/Psychosis type experiences. He has a particular interest in drug harm reduction and integration work and is part of the Kosmicare Medical Team at Boom Festival.

Find out more about Declan



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