Monday Aug 21, 2023

Ep 215: Are viruses and bacteria real? - with Ariane Zappe

How might your immune system and the microbes within you be shaping your health and evolution?


Get ready for an exciting episode with Ariane Zappe, a trailblazing homeopath in Germany. Ariane shares her journey from being the youngest and first female pilot for Lufthansa to developing groundbreaking theories challenging our beliefs about disease-causing microorganisms. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing the interconnectedness of all living beings and suggests nourishing rather than destroying them to restore balance. Tune in to this thought-provoking episode to learn more about Ariane's unique perspective on homeopathy and the role of bacteria, viruses, and parasites in our survival.


Episode Highlights:
03:10 - How she was first introduced to homeopathy

07:48 - Chronic diseases and the healing process

12:48 - The positive impact of microbes

14:30 - Creating a comprehensive medical library

17:40 - Rethinking our relationship with microbes

23:25 - Stem cells and immune system

29:00 - Lifelong immune reactions and vaccines

34:06 - Symbiotic relationship with bacteria

38:04 - Integration and chronic disease

41:01 - Poliovirus and evolution

50:23 - Frequency cords for vaccines

57:44 - Stem cells and maternal health

02:48 - A new paradigm in medicine

04:14 - ART testing and diagnosis


About my guest:

Ariane Zappe, born in 1968 in northern Germany, embarked on a unique journey that led her from becoming the first female and youngest Airbus pilot with Lufthansa to delving into the world of holistic healing. Her passion for both science and esoteric knowledge shaped her path. After encountering quantum physics, she found a bridge between the scientific and esoteric aspects of life, leading her to study homeopathy and alternative therapies. Ariane's transition from flying to homeopathy was motivated by personal experiences, including her son's allergic reaction and her own health issues. She pursued extensive training in homeopathy and holistic treatments, eventually establishing the SophiaHealth Institute, where she combined her research, experience, and compassion to create innovative treatments. Ariane's dedication to understanding the symbiotic relationship between humans and their microbiome has resulted in books and treatments that focus on benefiting both patients and microbes. Through SophiaViva, she continues her journey, rapidly translating research into remedies and contributing to the well-being of chronically ill patients.


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