Monday Aug 14, 2023

Ep 214: Homeopathy in Egypt - with Abdul Hayy Holdjik

Are you ready to explore the world of homeopathy through the lens of innovation and adaptation? 


Get ready to be inspired by Abdul Hay Holdaik's incredible journey as he introduces the world of homeopathy to Egypt. With a blend of heartwarming stories and practical insights, Abdul Hay reveals his unique approach to combining diverse homeopathic techniques. This episode is a reminder of the power of embracing new avenues, echoing the "Who am I" course's philosophy, where self-development and healing intertwine seamlessly. Tune in to explore how self-discovery is an integral part of the homeopathic journey, offering a fresh perspective on healing and personal development.


Episode Highlights:

01:29 - Abdul's introduction to homeopathy.

05:24 - Homeopathy and its effectiveness.

09:35 - The beauty of different modalities.

11:18 - Different ways to apply techniques.

14:23 - Homeopathy and self-development.

16:38 - Taking ourselves further.

20:13 - Grassroots movement in homeopathy.

23:10 - Homeopathy in emergency situations.

27:12 - Translating Amy Lansky's book.

30:46 - Revival of alternative practices.

33:07 - Being open to what you need.


About my guest:

As one of the first persons to organize homeopathic training in Egypt (see History of Homeopathy in Egypt), it has been Abdul Hayy's stated goal to spread homeopathy in Egypt at the grassroots level in order to create public demand for quality homeopathic treatment. 


Abdul Hayy L. Holdijk has been running professional 3-year homeopathic training courses for Egyptian physicians and laypeople for the past 18 years. To a large extent, this approach has succeeded in producing a large number of qualified homeopaths since starting these courses in 2002 and made the Egyptian public increasingly aware of this complementary treatment modality. 


In cooperation with other qualified Egyptian homeopaths, he was instrumental in helping to found the Egyptian Society of Homeopathy, and the courses he currently teaches are endorsed by the Society as providing the kind of professional training required by international bodies in the field of homeopathy. He is also interested in laying the groundwork for greater awareness of homeopathy in the Arab Middle East and has lectured primarily in Egypt but also in Lebanon, where he initiated the move to a training program, and Jordan, Oman, and Saudi Arabia.


He had Amy Lansky’s book The Impossible Cure translated into Arabic, as well as published and it is currently the only good book on classical homeopathic prescribing in that language.


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