Monday May 20, 2024

Ep 294: Color and Sound Remedies - with Ambika Wauters

Explore the potential of intentional remedies and the broader possibilities within homeopathy with Ambika Wauters, who shares her journey into homeopathy and her innovative work with color, sound, and intentional remedies. Ambika discusses the healing potential of these remedies and recounts experiences such as teaching a class on trust and intention, working with children with autism, and creating remedies from music. Tune in to this genuine conversation that challenges, inspires, and transforms your understanding of healing, opening your hearts and minds to the boundless possibilities of homeopathy.


Episode Highlights:

02:33 - Ambika's Journey to Homeopathy

07:11 - The Healing Potential of Color Remedies 

12:11 - The Sound Remedies

14:35 - Intentional Remedies and Their Impact

22:19 - Spiritual Remedies and Healing

28:36 - Healing in Autism

35:05 - Homeopathy Beyond Classical Approaches

41:44 - The making of color and sound remedies

47:11 - The Potency and Use of Imponderables

51:44 - The role of intention in remedies

01:00:42 - Addressing Skepticism Behind Intentional Remedies

01:03:00 - Calibrating truth and muscle testing

01:04:50 - Challenges of misinformation and trust

01:07:18 - Navigating truth in the digital age

01:12:34 - Angel cards, oracle decks, and artistic journey

01:18:49 - Courses, books, and future projects


About my guest:

Ambika Wauters is an accomplished author, teacher, and homeopath, renowned for her holistic healing approach developed through extensive travel, training, and clinical practice. Initially trained as an artist, she found a natural transition into the healing arts, studying bioenergetic psychotherapy in Spain and dance and martial arts in San Francisco. Her passion for classical homeopathy led her to the UK, where she completed her studies and joined The Society of Homeopaths. In 1997, Ambika founded the Institute of Life Energy Medicine in the USA, dedicated to healing the body, mind, and spirit through energy medicine. Her extensive travels across Europe, Africa, and India, including significant time with Sadguru HLW Poonja in India, deeply influenced her work and spiritual development. Residing in Tucson, Arizona, Ambika continues to inspire others through her teachings, writings, and commitment to inner clarity and emotional balance.


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