Monday Mar 25, 2024

Ep 278: Bowel nosodes in practise - with Hilery Dorrian

Hilery Dorrian is back in this episode, sharing her expertise on bowel nosodes. Hilery breaks down the importance of bowel flora and how bowel nosodes can make a real difference in homeopathic practice. Learn about key remedies like Morgan Bach, Gaertner, Disco, Psychotico, and Proteus, and understand when and why to use them. Hilery also sheds light on how these remedies can help with common issues like eczema, ADHD, candida, and toddler tantrums. It's an episode packed with practical insights that could transform your clinical approach. Join us for an eye-opening exploration into the realm of bowel nosodes!


Episode Highlights:

03:19 - Hilery's Introduction to Bowel Nosodes

05:48 - Importance of Understanding Bowel Nosodes

09:10 - The Microbiome and Its Importance

12:00 - The Gut-Brain Connection

19:47- The Importance of Understanding Stool Health

21:34 - Hilary's Experience with Morgan Bach

27:37 - Gaertner: Poor Nutrition and Assimilation

33:07 - The Perfectionist Nature of Disco

38:44 - The Concept of Fear of Obscurity

40:31 - Candida Treatment with Psychotic

54:46 - The Process of Prescribing and Waiting

01:00:03 - Upcoming Projects and Lectures


About my guest:

Hilery Dorrian, an esteemed practitioner based in the United Kingdom, brings over 35 years of experience in homeopathy to her work. With a foundation in acupuncture, she offers a distinctive perspective on the integration of homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine for holistic health. Hilery has been a pivotal figure in education, having taught at The Centre for Homeopathic Education for two decades and the College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy. Renowned internationally, she is a frequent contributor to esteemed journals and magazines in the field. At the forefront of her profession, Hilery continues to impart her vast knowledge through lectures, workshops, and conferences, sharing over 12 hours of invaluable insights tailored for homeopaths, students, and healthcare practitioners alike. With a bustling practice, seeing upwards of 50 patients weekly, Hilery remains deeply committed to enhancing wellness through her profound expertise in homeopathy.


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